Customisable Full colour touch screen display with temperature and humidity sensors. Has bezel detached so it can be painted

Customisable Full colour touch screen display with temperature and humidity sensors. Has bezel detached so it can be painted

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The RD-WMB is part of the Wallbus room module family and is designed to satisfy requirements at all stages of the contractual chain. The full colour touch screen display provides a clear, intuitive user interface and can be modified through the settings menu to show different home screen options and colours. The wallbus family has features that will appeal to architects, consultants, installation engineers, commissioning engineers, facility managers and building occupants. All units in the Wallbus family are fully interchangeable allowing room/space specifications to be changed by simply changing the front plate.
The RV-WMB allows occupants to adjust fan speed, setpoint (graphical or numerical)and occupancy status and also to read assosciated values on a backlit, full colour, touch screen display. The settings menu provides a range of optional icons so that the user interface can be modified for systems requiring simple control of various room elements (lights, blinds, windows, heating etc...). There is also a backlight off option which allows the unit to be used where low lighting conditions are important.
Protection class: IP30
Mounting place: internal wall
Temperature range: 0...50C
R.H. range: 0...90%rh
Single power/signal connection to controller reduces wiring
Backlit full colour display with fan speed, occupancy, temperature, humidity and setpoint displays
Setpoint, fan speed, and occupancy override controls
Temperature and humidity sensors with dew point output
Display of CO2 and Outside Air Temperature values from the controller
Red, Amber, Green indicator for CO2 levels
Celsius or Fahrenheit display
Icon indication of fan speed and occupancy states
Digital display of local temperature or setpoint
As well as setpoint adjustment the homescreen can display up to four icons form the settings menu. These can include lights, blinds, heating and windows.
Backlight off option for applications where low light levels are required.
Backdrop colour options to comply with project colour themes.
Setpoint device: digital
Override button: digital
Fan switch: configurable

Specification sheet (English) PDF

Installation/mounting instruction (English) PDF

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