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Please note that due to inflationary increases in manufacturing supply chains and logistics, since 8th December 2021, all Trend products include a temporary 15% surcharge and all orders below £1,260 subject to a "low order" fee of £52.



Air Handling Units



All models come delivered to site, supplied with Pre-configured, Trend On-Board Controls to include:

  • Control Panel
  • All EC Speed Controlled Fans to provide only the most accurate, intelligently selected airflows at any given moment.
  • Variable 0-10v modulating Damper Motors
  • Ultra-Efficient Crossover Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Mixing Chamber to allow for the intelligent choice of either Full Fresh Air, full Recirculation of air or any combination; all dynamically selected by a combination of CO2 and temperature Sensors
  • Free Cooling when available and required.
  • Exceptionally efficient and energy saving Heating and Cooling via the selectable option of DX Heat pump (prices include appropriately sized Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Power Inverter Heat Pumps and PAC-IF boards for each unit).
  • Air Flow & Filter Pressure Switches
  • Our AHU’s Include site tailored Trend Strategy, on site commissioning and testing with full integration into the clients existing Trend BEMS.
  • Manufactured to exacting Oakland Specification by the very high quality British Manufacturer; Mansfield Pollard.


All models are manufactured from closed section extruded aluminum post section frame with mechanically fixed 60kg/m3 Rockwell (K value 0.035w/mk) infill double skin panels mounted on a PFC base.

Casing Strength D3 ; Air Leakage L3 ; Thermal Transmittance T3 ; Thermal Bridging TB3.

Bag Filters (F7 supply and M5 extract) to achieve SFP standards which is 2 W/l/s or lower.

Air, Handling, Units

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