Battery-less TONN 3E with 96 MB of Java heap memory and Trend Lite driver

Battery-less TONN 3E with 96 MB of Java heap memory and Trend Lite driver

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The Trend Open Network Node (TONN) is a Trend network device that enables the Trend system to interface with 3rd party systems such as BACnet, LONWORKS, Mbus, MODBUS, SNMP, and KNX. It utilises the NiagaraAX Framework for the integration of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g. lighting) in a building. TONN reads the required data from the 3rd party systems, and makes it available to IQ3 controllers. Data from the controllers can be made available to the 3rd party systems to provide a single supervisory option. TONN enables values from the Trend system to be read and written by the 3rd party systems connected to the TONN, and for the Trend system to read values from and write values to the 3rd party systems.
TONN also includes the following features:
Supplied with drivers for BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, EIB/KNX IP, LONFTT, LON IP, MODBUSRTU Master, MODBUSRTU Slave, MODBUSTCP Master, MODBUSTCP Slave, MBus Serial, MBus IP, oBIX, and SNMP systems.
Additional optional drivers available: Flex over RS232 or RS485, Micros Fidelio hotel room booking system (IP), Global Cache, Horstmann serial, Helvar serial, American Automatrics PHP over RS232 or RS485 and American Automatrics PUP over RS232 or RS485.
Read and write values from 3rd party systems.
Read and write Trend system values from/to 3rd party systems.
DIN rail or surface mounting.
2 Ethernet ports, 1 x RS232 port, and 1 x RS485 port.
Up to 2 optional plug in communications cards for RS232, LON FTT, and RS485.
15 Vdc power supply.

TONN (Trend Open Network Node)
Product description: Battery-less TONN 3E with 96MB of Java heap memory and Trend Lite driver

Specification sheet (English): PDF

Installation/mounting instruction (English): PDF

Operator manual (English): PDF

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