Trend EnergyEYE software on CD (not including hardware)

Trend EnergyEYE software on CD (not including hardware)

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Trend EnergyEYE software on CD (not including hardware)

Trend EnergyEYE is a local site software application that displays utility readings that are connected to the Trend Building & Energy Management System (BEMS). It can display meter readings from Electricity and Gas monitored by a 963 Supervisor head end and show yesterdays, last month and year to date values as well as a monthly graph in either a line or bar chart.
Product description Trend EnergyEYE software on CD
Additional description Shows any utility data connected to a Trend BEMS controller with a 963 supervisor
Tailored conversion factors for CO2
Configured targets with traffic light indication of current consumption
Scrolling text option
Display FLV movie files
Auto sizing application to screen connected to computer
Configurable background and layout
Runs as standalone application on networked Windows computer.

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