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DAMPER ACTUATOR 10NM 230V 2-Position datasheet EN0B-0477GE51 R0408

DAMPER ACTUATOR 10NM 230V 2-Position datasheet EN0B-0477GE51 R0408

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DAMPER ACTUATOR 10NM 230V 2-Position datasheet EN0B-0477GE51 R0408

Damper actuator 5/10 Nm, SmartAct

Direct coupled actuators for air dampers, ventilation flaps, louvers and VAV-units.
Protection classIP54
End switch function/capacitySPDT switch 230 V, 5(3) A for models with end switch
Shaft mountingfor round shafts 8..16 mm; square shafts 6..13 mm
Built in rotation limiteryes
Manual operationyes
Additional description
removable wiring box for direct wiring to and from controller
rotation direction selectable by switch
adjustable mechanical end limits included
24 Vac models also suitable for 24 Vdc
For damper area of 2 square meters
Power supplyControl input signalEnd switchesRuntimeTorqueDamper areaType
Vac | VAs;50HzNmm2
24 | 6 2/3-pt110102N1024  PDF
24 | 6 2/3-pt2110102N1024-SW2  PDF
230 | 6 2-ptmax. 140102N10230-2POS  PDF
24 | 6 0/2..10V=;2/3-pt90/110102N10010  PDF
24 | 6 0/2..10V=;2/3-pt290/110102N10010-SW2  PDF

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