Variable Speed Drive - Low Overload 0.75kW IP20 - Datasheet ta200620

Variable Speed Drive - Low Overload 0.75kW IP20 - Datasheet ta200620

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Variable Speed Drive - Low Overload 0.75kW IP20 - Datasheet ta200620


Microdrives IP20

Speed and/or torque controller for induction motors. EMC and LVD compliant with external filters.
The inverters are suitable for High/Low Overload (constant/variable torque) applications. To control pumps and fans for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, normally Low Overload ratings are used. Industrial or process installations normally require High Overload ratings.
AC choke included for protection against overvoltage
flexible I/O configuration; 1 free slot
compact housing
power module with metal chassis for compliance with RFI regulations and safety
detachable HMI-panel for parameter settings, alarms, start/stop functions, using a code-number system
1 all-round software package included, other packages can be installed on site
CE-Mark declaration enclosed in manual
RFI-filter optional
Output frequency 0 ... 320 Hz
Frequency resolution 0,01 Hz
Serial communication optional: Interbus-S, Modbus, Echelon, Profibus
Immunity EN61800-3 (H) with external filters
Emissions EN61800-3 (H) with external filters
Safety EN 50178, CE, UL, C-UL, FI, GOST R
Protection class IP20
Series NXL
Three phase 380 to 500 Vac to three phase
Brake chopper High overload (for Machines) High overload Icont Low overload (for Fan/Pump) Low overload Icont 1 phase input 3 phases input Voltage Type
  kW A kW A        
optional 0,37 1,3 0,55 1,9 400V NXL00015  PDF
optional 0,55 1,9 0,75 2,4 400V NXL00025  PDF

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