963 BACnet upgrade to 240 devices

963 BACnet upgrade to 240 devices

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The Trend Open Protocol Server (TOPS) is a Windows based software application that runs on a PC to provide the communications between TOPS compatible devices (e.g. 963 v3.00 or greater) on the Trend IQ network and third party devices (e.g. BACnet devices).
TOPS can be installed on the same PC as 963 or on a different PC provided the device can access the TOPS PC over IP.
The product includes the following features:
Communication with BACnet devices and TONN`s
Enables the 963 to read values from, or write values to BACnet devices and TONN`s.
Receive alarms from BACnet devices.
Can be installed on same PC as 963 or a PC remote from the TOPS compatible device (963).
Compatible with 963.
Simple web based configuration.

BACnet Driver Upgrades
Product description: 963 BACnet upgrade to 240 devices

Specification sheet (English): PDF

Installation/mounting instruction (English): PDF

Application manual (English): PDF

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