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HVAC Variable Speed Drive - IP21 3 phase 480v 3.4A (1.1kW low overload)  Data Sheet TA201104

HVAC Variable Speed Drive - IP21 3 phase 480v 3.4A (1.1kW low overload) Data Sheet TA201104

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HVAC Variable Speed Drive - IP21 3 phase 480v 3.4A (1.1kW low overload) Data Sheet TA201104


VSD2H Variable Speed Drivers for HVAC applications, 1,1..160kW, IP21/IP54,

The VSD2H range of variable motor speed drives are especially designed for use in the HVAC environment,enabling fans and motors to regulate delivery of air and water in variable flow applications.
A control pad is supplied mounted on the front of the unit and can be detached to be used as a panel mounted or a handheld unit.
The control pad is multilingual with menu driven selection options, scrolling text messages and setup wizards for extremely fast start of basic pump and fan applications.
Compact size, slim, space-saving, bookshelf design
An optional Trend Network Interface Card interface can be fitted into the VSD2H drive to allow the system to be monitored from Trend supervisors and controlled from trend IQ controllers.
Integrated stress removal and 360o grounding for power cable shield inside the device no need for cable glands
Varnished printed circuit boards to maximise reliability
Real Time Clock with battery backup for timed functions and fault time stamps
Inputs/Outputs: 2 analog inputs (mA/V), 6 digital inputs, 2 relays (NO/NC), 1 thermistor input (PTC), 1 analog output (mA/V), Ethernet (IP), RS485 (MS/TP)
Flexible I/O configuration: 2 free slots for expansion boards
Mini wizards for more advanced applications: PID, Cascade Control and Resonance sweep wizards
Intelligent automatic functionality: Ramp Time Optimizer, Overtemperature ride-through, Power ride-through etc.
PID controller with advanced features: Sleep mode, Pump Soft fill, pressure loss compensation, Cascade contoller etc.
integrated RFI filter for typical building installation
Voltage 400V
Output frequency 0 ... 320 Hz
Frequency resolution 0,01 Hz
Serial communication Standard: BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, N2.
Immunity fulfills all EMC immunity requirements
Emissions EN61800-3 (category C2), EN61000-3-12
Safety EN61800-5, CE, UL, cUL
1 phase input no
3 phases input yes
Series VSD2H
RFI-filter integrated
Protection class Low overload (for Fan/Pump) Low overload Icont Type
  kW A  
IP21 1,1 3,4 VSD2H/3P-480/003B/IP21  PDF
IP21 1,5 4,8 VSD2H/3P-480/004B/IP21  PDF
IP21 2,2 5,6 VSD2H/3P-480/005B/IP21  PDF
IP21 3 8 VSD2H/3P-480/008B/IP21  PDF
IP21 4 9,6 VSD2H/3P-480/009B/IP21  PDF
IP21 5,5 12 VSD2H/3P-480/012B/IP21  PDF
IP21 7,5 16 VSD2H/3P-480/016B/IP21  PDF
IP21 11 23 VSD2H/3P-480/023B/IP21  PDF
IP21 15 31 VSD2H/3P-480/031B/IP21  PDF
IP21 18,5 38 VSD2H/3P-480/038B/IP21  PDF
IP21 22 46 VSD2H/3P-480/046B/IP21  PDF
IP21 30 61 VSD2H/3P-480/061B/IP21  PDF
IP21 37 72 VSD2H/3P-480/072B/IP21  PDF
IP21 45 87 VSD2H/3P-480/087B/IP21  PDF
IP21 55 105 VSD2H/3P-480/105B/IP21  PDF
IP21 75 140 VSD2H/3P-480/140B/IP21  PDF
IP21 90 170 VSD2H/3P-480/170B/IP21  PDF
IP21 110 205 VSD2H/3P-480/205B/IP21  PDF
IP21 132 261 VSD2H/3P-480/261B/IP21  PDF
IP21 160 310 VSD2H/3P-480/310B/IP21  PDF

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