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M-Bus mechanical heat meter, heating and cooling 0.6 DN15 - Data Sheet TA201127

M-Bus mechanical heat meter, heating and cooling 0.6 DN15 - Data Sheet TA201127

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Product Code: HMM/HC/0.6/MOD
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M-Bus mechanical heat meter, heating and cooling, DN15 - Data Sheet TA201127

Trend Heat Meter

The Trend HMM Series Mechanical Heat Meters are static compact energy meters with electronic measurement. Each meter consists of an electronic energy integrator with temperature sensors and a mechanical volume measuring component. HMM meters provide metering of heating and/or cooling energy in hydronic systems based on volume, and supply and return temperatures. HMM/H models are for energy metering of heating systems, ../HC models are for cooling or heat/cool systems. Used in conjunction with an RS232 and Mbus convertor and a Trend IQ3/XNC M-Bus driver, the meters data can be accessed over the Trend network.
The features include:
Electronic sensor control for recording flow rate
Available in nominal flow rates from 0.6 to 10 m3/h
DN15 and DN20 meter versions with direct electronic impeller scanning
DN25 and DN40 meter versions with magnetic coupling for electronic scanning of sensor disc
10 year battery life
Primary interface: M-Bus interface to EN1434-3
Optical ZVEI interface to IEC 870-5
Adjustable reading date for billing
Windows-based HYDRO-SET software for optimum adaption to user-specific requirements
Power source 3V(lithium battery)
Display LCD, 7-digit, (MWh, kWh, GJ, MJ, kW, m3/h, l/h, m3, l)
Product Type Compact heat meter to EN 1434
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Interface M-Bus
Mechanical Heat Meters (heating only)
Nominal flow (qp) DN size Length Port diameter Type
m3/h mm mm inch  
0,6 15 110 G 3/4 B HMM/H/0.6/MOD  PDF
1,5 15 110 G 3/4 B HMM/H/1.5/MOD  PDF
2,5 20 130 G 1 B HMM/H/2.5/MOD  PDF
Mechanical Heat Meters (heating and cooling)
Nominal flow (qp) DN size Length Port diameter Type
m3/h mm mm inch  
0,6 15 110 G 3/4 B HMM/HC/0.6/MOD  PDF
1,5 15 110 G 3/4 B HMM/HC/1.5/MOD  PDF
2,5 20 130 G 1 B HMM/HC/2.5/MOD  PDF
3,5 25 260 G 1 1/4 B HMM/HC/3.5/MOD  PDF
6 25 260 G 1 1/4 B HMM/HC/6.0/MOD  PDF
10 40 300 G 2 B HMM/HC/10/MOD  PDF

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