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3-Relay Module (TRM & HCM function) - Datasheet ta200646 - T1

3-Relay Module (TRM & HCM function) - Datasheet ta200646 - T1

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3-Relay Module (TRM & HCM function) - Datasheet ta200646 - T1

Input and Output Modules

Trend I/O Modules convert either digital input signals into an analogue signal to be read by the controller, or an analogue signal from the controller to a number of stages of relay output. They act as an interface between the controller and heating and ventilating equipment.
The Digital Input Expander allows 4 volt free inputs to be monitored by a single analogue input channel. The resultant analogue value can be decoded by the A to D Function Module in an IQ controller to produce internal digital status bits for alarm monitoring or other status input applications.
The Single Relay Module (SRM) enables a controller output signal to drive a single changeover relay. The 2SRM houses two single relays.
The Two Relay Module (2RM) may be configured as a high/low or a raise/lower relay module by link selection.
The Three Relay Module (3RM) may be configured as a Fan/Heating/Cooling sequence controller (HCM) or a 3 stage sequence controller (TRM) using the operating mode link.
The Six Relay Module (6RM) converts an analogue output of an IQ controller to six stages of relay output.
The Voltage to Current Driver is a two channel output interface which converts two 0 to 10V signals into two 0 to 20 mA outputs.
The Dual Phase Cut Module converts two controller analogue output signals to two 20 V phase cut signals for controlling valves and actuators in heating and ventilating equipment. Opto-isolation is used to isolate the control signals from the outputs to ensure that no ground conflicts can occur.
Additional description Standard DIN rail mounting.
Rising cage clamp terminals.
24 Vac/dc supply.
Input Modules
Product description Type
4 Digital Input Expander 4DIX/24VAC   PDF
Output Modules
Product description Type
Single Relay Module; 24 Vac (triac) output signal to a 10 A relay output SRMAC  PDF
Single Relay Module; 10 Vdc analogue output signal to a 8 A relay output SRMV  PDF
2 Single Relay Module 2SRM/24VAC  PDF
2 Relay Module 2RM/24VAC  PDF
3 Relay Module 3RM/24VAC  PDF
6 Relay Module 6RM/24VAC  PDF
2 Voltage to Current Driver 2VID/24VAC  PDF
Dual Phase Cut Module; 15 VA max per channel. DPCM/24VAC  PDF

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