Trend modem node card with 56k bps integral modem (PCB only) - Datasheet ta200734

Trend modem node card with 56k bps integral modem (PCB only) - Datasheet ta200734

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Trend modem node card with 56k bps integral modem (PCB only) - Datasheet ta200734

Trend Modem Node Controller (TMN...)

The TMN range allows either networked or stand-alone IQ System devices to access the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via an integral or external modem, or to access the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) via a terminal adaptor. The TMNG uses wireless communication via a GSM service provider enabling connections to sites without landlines and direct SMS messaging (text messages) to mobile phones. The TMN can communicate either to single or multiple devices over the IQ system current loop Lan. It also supports text messaging and communications to radiopagers via the PSTN and is supplied either boxed, or as a board which can be fitted in other IQ system devices (e.g. IQ controllers). A boxed battery-backed version is available (230 Vac only). There are high speed integral modem, GSM modem, and external modem/terminal adaptor versions.
Network Trend LAN
Additional description Enables communication between IQ System devices over PSTN, ISDN, or GSM.
TMNG enables wireless communication and direct SMS messaging to mobile phones
Memory retains telephone numbers and settings on power fail without battery.
Can be used on IQ system current loop Lans and internetwork or direct connected to software tool or controller.
Battery-backed option (NBOXB/TMN..) allows continued operation on power fail.
TMNH high speed integral modem has international approvals.
TMNE external modem allows higher baud rates.
Fast data rate reduces transmission times.
TMNH (Trend Modem Node High speed)
Model Power Comments Type
high speed integral modem 24Vdc TMNH/UK  PDF
high speed integral modem 230Vac NBOX IP30 NBOX/TMNH/UK/230  PDF
high speed integral modem 24Vac NBOX IP30 NBOX/TMNH/UK/24V  PDF

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