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SXNCSXNC (2001- date)

Using the existing Trend XNC220 Platform, Synapsys Solutions has greatly enhanced the firmware of the unit by creating our own varient, the SXNC. Having a much bigger module count (eg: 200 sensors, 1000 digital inputs etc.) and allowing routines to be programmed in C, interfacing options to LON and other sophistiacted protocols were possible. The SXNC was the mainstay Trend interfacing product until the release of IQ3/XNC.

IQ3 XNCIQ3/XNC (2006 - date)

The Trend IQ3/XNC enabled 3rd party devices to be connected directly to the IQ3 system and the flexible memory allocation meant that there could be many more modules made available for the interface.

The SXNC & IQ3/XNC products form a foundation of interfacing options provided by Synapsys Solutions and are actively sold and supported. Both are particularly useful for air conditioning interfaces where the ability to provide additional control of units is required.

SIP IQ(2009)

The SIP hardware platform is a fully functional embedded PC with Ethernet and serial ports, which, coupled with large memory and low price makes it the ideal interface platform.

SIPFor Trend Compatible Interfaces,Virtual IQ (vIQ) software is incorporated that enables the SIP to sit straight onto the Trend IQ3 Ethernet network. Each 3rd party device can be presented as if it were a Trend controller. Additionally, each value transferred is provided as a standard Trend module - sensor, knob, switch and digital input and have the full complement of funcionality such as labels, alarms and plots.

  • Reduces hardware cost
  • Easy to configure
  • Reduces engineering time/cost both at the interface and at the front end.
  • Simplifies interfacing.
  • Increased memory means more points per device than ever before, which in turn means you do not have to get the definitive point list from the customer.

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