2 Port Plant Valve - 2 Port 6.5mm Stroke PN16 DN32 Kvs 16

2 Port Plant Valve - 2 Port 6.5mm Stroke PN16 DN32 Kvs 16

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Plant Valve - 2 Port 6.5mm Stroke PN16 DN32 Kvs 16 - Datasheet en0b0308


Pressure balanced control valve.
For fan coil units and small re-heaters/re-coolers; hot water or cold water (max. 50% glycol), water quality VDI2035.
Valve series V5832B2
Valve type 2-way press. bal.
Medium type water
Materials body brass, stem stainless steel, plug brass
Action to open stem down
Stroke 6,5 mm
Media temp. 2 ... 130 oC
Pressure rating PN16
Port connection ext. thread flat sealing
Flow char. linear
Additional description Valves are supplied with adjustment cap.
6,5 mm
DN size Connection diameter Kvs value Close off pressure with 300N motor Close off pressure with 400N motor Type
mm inch   kPa kPa  
25 G1 1/2 4 1600 1600 V5832B2075  PDF
25 G1 1/2 6,3 1600 1600 V5832B2083  PDF
25 G1 1/2 10 1600 1600 V5832B2091  PDF
32 G2 16 1200 1200 V5832B2109  PDF
40 G2 1/4 25 1000 1000 V5832B2117  PDF

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